Archery Pro Shop


BowsIt just so happens that rifle hunting season in Maine and the height of our annual family-owned and operated Christmas wreath business coincide with each other in the fall of each year, so I decided that if I wanted to pursue my passion for hunting, it might be a good idea to pick up Archery. Archery season falls one month earlier than rifle season.

And that’s how, in 2010, the Archery Pro Shop of Wabanaki Wilderness began. Today, our full-range, full service store for bows and archery accessories is the go-to place for both novice and avid hunters alike. I often tell customers this is a hobby gone wild!

We are an Authorized Retailer of well known and trusted brands such as Bowtech, Diamond, Elite, Mathews, Mission and PSE bows. We carry Rivers Edge tree stands and stock reasonably priced ground blinds. We are a hunting store

Located on my family homestead, in traditional Wabanaki Territory, our Archery Pro Shop is the place to go for all of your bow hunting needs. We even have an indoor, multi-lane range with certified instructors on-site where you can fine tune your skills. Stop by and visit us at 236 Old Eastport Road, Perry, Maine today!


Indoor/Outdoor Range Fees
Day $5.00Year $100.00
Complete Inspection /Tune
Sight/Ouiver Installation
Advanced Bow Set-up
Nock Set Installation
Basic Bow Set-up
Poundage Set/Adjustment
Wheel Timing
Tiller Adjustment
Draw Length Adjustment
Cable Guard Adjustment
Nocking Loop Installation
Arrow rest installation/Adjustment
Peep Installation w/tie in$10.00 Wax string and cables (with string SNOT)$10.00
Install of Misc. String Accessories$20.00
Custom Cable/String$100.00
Install Cable/Strings$75.00
Install Scope
Complete Inspection /Tune
Wax string and cables (with string SNOT)$10.00
Cut Arrow to length
$6.00 per dozen

$1.00 each

$3.50 per arrow
Insert Installation
$6.00 per dozen

$1.00 each
Arrow Wraps
$4.00 per arrow
Basic Shooting Instruction
$10.00 per half hour
Unlimited Use of Chronograph
$10.00 single day
Use of Chronograph
$5.00 per 3 arrows