Black Bear Hunt

Wabanaki Wilderness LLC, is located in beautiful Downeast Maine and is owned and operated by Master Maine Guide Robert Dore and his wife Barbara Dore. We are fully insured and have over 10 years of guiding experience for Black Bear.bearhunt Our Bait sites are mainly scattered throughout Perry Maine, traditional Wabanaki Territory. Perry has 42.06 square miles and we hunt on private land. The land owners who allow us to hunt are the backbone of our business, without them we would not exist in this area. Downeast Maine also has a dense bear population and contains a mix of working forestlands and vast blueberry barrens.

We only take 4 hunters per week for the first 3 weeks of fall season. You normally get what you pay for in life and we do not believe in short changing our clients. We only want mature bears harvested on our baits. We run 2 bait sites per client booked and our sites are well established.

We cater primarily to bow hunter but also have well placed rifle/shotgun sites set up. We have a full archery shop and 20 yard indoor range for our clients to practice and hone their skills at.

Trophy Care and Butchering Services

We provide field dressing and use a local butcher for skinning/butchering needs. We have a local Taxidermist that does excellent work with fair prices. We will supply transportation to and from our partner vendors if it is part of your package. Taxidermy and butchering prep fees are the responsibly of the client.

How We Hunt

  • Our bear hunting is done over bait (mainly pastries). All of the baits hunted are active. We try to put you on bait that will give you your best opportunity at harvesting a bear.

  • Baits are very carefully placed with the bait being 15 to 25 yards from the tree-stand.

  • We require a safety harness to be worn at all times while in our tree-stands.

  • We provide all transportation to and from bait sites.

  • We have different lodging/hunting packages available for the do it yourselfer or a totally catered experience.

  • We employ the use of feeder style bait sites to get the best archery/firearm shot available.

  • We use a special mixture cover/curiosity scent on our bait sites to attract bears.


$1600.00 will include a total packaged hunt that includes 3 meals per day and lodging. Clients will be put on stands in mid-afternoon. This is for a 6 day hunt Monday-Saturday.

  • Breakfast –prepared by clients at desired time for convenience

  • Lunch-Bag lunch

  • Supper-prepared by clients at desired time for convenience

  • Snacks-Healthy fruits and vegetables

  • Free use of the archery range

  • Lodging

  • Tracking and recovery of game

  • Transportation to our partner vendors for trophy and butchering

$1000.00 will include transportation from the shop to be put on stands in mid-afternoon. This is for a 6 day hunt Monday-Saturday. Lodging and meals will be the responsibility of the client.

  • Free use of the archery Range

  • Tracking and recovery of game

Packages DO NOT include:

  • Airport pickup $150.00 from Bangor International-call for details.

  • State License Fees-Nonresident Bear permit $74.00 (Required) and either Archery $74.00 or Big Game hunting $114.00.

  • Butchering and trophy prep fees- price depends on weight of bear.

Extra activities in the area are available

  • Deep sea fishing

  • Whale watching

  • Sea kayaking

  • General tourist activities

Call for information on these extra activities. Pricing does not include these activities.

We require a non-refundable deposit based on the hunting package you choose at the time you book your hunt. Hunters are required to sign a liability waiver. HAVE A SAFE HUNT!!